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Just started a Swedish Twitter-account with my full name and information about where I work. I see it has taken time for me to fully enjoy the social medias and I am still a little bit dubious about ‘launching oneself’. On the other hand, I do think that I have something to share.

As I read my very first posting on this weblog, I must say I still feel the same way. Advocators for schools and education should make themselves heard. Our very important mission to educate our young citizens to become full of knowledge, socially peaceful yet able to criticize constructively is just too important to just leave to only politics.

I have decided to keep posting in English here, as I also have a Twitter-account with mainly English speaking followers. It will be easier to stick to one language, I think.

Twitter is a wonderful network, although it has its limitations if you really want to reflect upon something. Therefore it is a good thing that one can refer to a blog like this.


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