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It seems to me that we often shed light on the teacher and her job in the classroom. Where I live, there is hardly no debate about the qualifications of the principals. Teachers must perform, students as well, but what about the principals?

Some teachers may feel that it is better if the principal sticks to his/her office but I would suggest that a school is never better than its leadership. Imagine a school where the principal is taking a teacherĀ“s role to educate society on the importance of education?

When I reflect upon the very meaning with my job as a teacher I see that I need support. It is tiresome to try to convince the principal and the politicians the need for an education that is larger than just an isolated subject, such as math, English or history. In order to make sense of your subject you need to make sense of the need for education – both from an individual standpoint as well as for society as a whole.

I wish that principals were forerunners for democracy, that they were a voice in society, trying to advocate the importance of having a school system that does not only teach our youngsters subjects, but also critical thinking and engagement in making a better world for all of us.

So far I have met and read about dedicated teachers but where are the principals? Are they told to be quiet and conform to to the standards in order to keep the budget? Everybody knows that kids who do not get proper education and support as children cost society far more as adults than if they are given appropriate support when they are young.

A principal has more power than an individual teacher. I wish that the principals together with their staff make an effort to spread the ideology that school is an active and very important part in society that can make a change in terms of reducing violence, crimes and injustice.


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